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How This Course Will Help You

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Do You Feel...

  • Nervous or shy when you speak in English?
  • Do you worry that you'll make mistakes or forget the words you want to say?
  • You've got a pretty good understanding of the language, but when you speak, do you forget everything?
  • Maybe you want a better job but you think your speaking skills aren't strong enough?
  • Perhaps you've finished a language course and you're worried you're going to forget everything you've learned?

If any of this sounds like you, this program was created for YOU!

This Course Will Help You:

  • Feel more confident in any speaking situation
  • How to get more respect from your listeners even if your English is not perfect
  • Teach you tricks to remember words and what to do if you forget them whey you are speaking
  • Teach you the right body language for job interviews and stressful situations
  • Give you tips on the right things to say to get your dream job
  • Teach you how to not forget everything you've learned and ways to easily continue learning on your own

Your Instructor

Jennifer Earle
Jennifer Earle

Hello Lovely Learner,

My name is Jennifer Earle and I'm a CELTA qualified native English teacher.

With over 16 years of teaching experience, I have developed innovative and interactive teaching methods to help English learners speak more confidently, freely and naturally.

I specialize in confidence-building, fluency and English for career development.

With the experience of teaching international learners of all levels, including exam classes, I've had the pleasure of teaching in college classrooms, in business boardrooms, online and privately face-to-face.

I would love you to come and learn with me.


"Jennifer's teaching methods make learning English exciting. She has helped me become a more confident and fluent speaker and I love the way she teaches. She's the best teacher for learning English and without her help I wouldn't be here in Canada studying in college with other native speakers."

- Nanako K.

"Jennifer has taught me fun, new and interesting ways of learning English. She is really dedicated and really cares about her students."

- Dr Hassein I.

"Jennifer is a teacher who really cares. She pushes you to do your very best and shows you new ways to learn English that's relevant to you."

- Glaucia H. G.